diversity lane_train set and global warming_2

If you’re missing the Goode Family and can’t wait until January 6 when that show re-airs on Comedy Central you can get your fix of mocking a liberal family’s politically correct insanity in Zack Rawsthorne’s Diversity Lane: A Liberal Family Saga.

Here’s Zack’s description of this project:

Diversity Lane chronicles the chaotic lives of an American family fully engulfed in modern Liberalism. As such they are self-destructive, tormented & a menace to society – a kind of modern day Addams Family in a never ending battle with common sense.

This is more than just another conservative editorial illustrator at work. The focus on a single family gives it a running story that fans can follow. Furthermore, Zack’s site uses Roberto Gerhard’s Symphony No. 4 as background music and the ‘Story’ page has a few audio clips. The music gives the work a certain creepy, Twilight Zone feel and enhances the visitor’s experience wonderfully.

This is some very nice work by a strong artist with a great sense of humor and an excellent eye for the politically correct nonsense to which so many liberals are enthralled.

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