On my morning visit to Real Clear Politics I see a link that makes me think I must have woken up in an alternate reality, where Spock has a beard and Bill Maher is a defender of the Christian religion. That link proves to be real, ‘Maher To Defender Of Islam: Equating Christianity And Islam “Liberal Bullshit.”‘ Bill Maher, atheist extraordinaire, who has said that religion, most especially Christianity, is a mental disease, actually has a moment of clarity and rebukes a liberal agenda pusher trying to equate Islam and Christianity.

Mr. Maher is entering dangerous territory. Not long ago, in fact just last month, he complained about the ridiculously high taxes in California and said liberals could lose him. Now he’s defending Christianity and calling liberals on the bullshit. What’s next! He says in this exchange that he’s all about the truth. It looks like he may actually mean it.