We all know that spring, and not winter, is the time that a young man’s fancy turns to love (just the opposite in fact: when it’s cold outside, he’s got the month of May). But can a great love song be set during the frosty winter months?

If you think not, take a listen to “Winterlight” by the brilliant band Roman Candle (sorry, no embed code). In just under four minutes, it captures the Christmas season, fleeting romantic love, permanent bonds, and the beauty that remains even when the world turns cold – all without dissolving into gooey sentimentality. Not your typical love song, but then again these aren’t your typical pop lyrics:

There’s something about those bare-limbed months
That get me thinking about promises that I can’t forget
Flowers then are hard to find, the winter limbs like wires behind a busted tv set
Will teach you things about absence and passing away
The robin sings, but doesn’t start until the middle of May

Any band this smart should be selling out stadiums rather than languishing in obscurity in their Chapel Hill, NC home.