These people probably aren't employed by the University of Virginia, but they might as well be.

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” — Richard Feynman

Frank Tipler, in a new article on Pajamas Media, believes that true science has fallen into the hands of cargo cults:

They [the scientists at the University of Virginia] have shown themselves to have no understanding of the meaning of the word “scholarship.”
There are all too many such professors at the leading American universities. Which is why Feynman defined science to be a belief in the ignorance of such people. They are ignorant. Feynman used the expression “cargo-cult science” to describe the “science” done by such people.

These “scientists” are so highly politicized that they aren’t really blinded by science—they’re blind to science:

You have the right to hear the evidence, and you have the right to judge whether the evidence supports the conclusion. We now use the phrase “scientific consensus,” or “peer review,” rather than “science has shown.” By whatever name, the idea is balderdash. Feynman was absolutely correct.
…. Many areas of “science” today have the superficial appearance of true science, but not the reality. Climate “science” is an example.



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Mike Gray