Upon picking up Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West, this week’s update was to focus on short fiction set in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the search for stories available online bared little fruit. The best I can offer is a brief article from The Forward, reviewing the West’s novels.
There’s also a Vanity Fair article about John Hughes’ “very, very short fiction”, a few words of wisdom from L. Jagi Lamplighter in “Wright’s Writing Corner”, and various links to stories, reviews, and articles from the publishing world.
Feel free to discuss your favorites stories about Hollywood’s Entertainment-Industrial Complex in the comment box below.

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“Satire V from The Scourge of Vacuity” by L. J. Fattoroski

National Review digs into its archives and delivers a bit of satirical poetry from the June 2, 1970 issue.

The liberal I sing, thrice blessed sage –
Presiding spirit of this gaudy age.
No prejudice has he, but, Argus-eyed,
He sees of every question every side.
At Berkeley he was trained to keep his
Wide open – at both ends. He’s not the
To hasten to a rash decision; no,
Enlightened men act seldom and think
Asked once if he’d have lemon with his
He thought the problem over carefully:
For thirty days he thought, in deep
And then he found a tentative
While Jack Cade and his envious rout
Making an ordered land disordered
He sits and listens to a cleric bray
The Gospel of St. Marx the livelong day.
“Social Justice” is a text and theme
Progressive parsons hold in high
With such a passion did this cleric
He broke his wind, and scarlet flushed
his cheek;
But though he preached right on, with
unctuous art,
I swear there was more matter in the
The liberal thought them both extra-
He praised the text and cheered the
In all things social or political
He is a perfect intellectual.

“Satire V from the Age of Vacuity” continues