Mather Zickel as underfunded Canadian Secret Service agent Daniel Freehorn in USA Network TV show UnderfundedThe title of this item is a pun, actually. It really refers to a new program on the USA Network, premiering tonight at 10 p.m EST. Underfunded tells the story of Darryl Freehorn, a Canadian secret service agent who suffers perpetual indignities because of the low budget the government gives the organization. He has to use dial-up internet service, for example, and travels by Greyhound bus rather than jet.

Pluck, cleverness, and determination serve him well, however, as he always manages to save the day, "solving world-threatening conspiracies on a small-time budget," according to the program’s website.

It sounds like a funny concept, and the program is co-written and co-produced by David Breckman, a Monk staff writer and brother of Monk creator-producer Andy Breckman.

Tonight’s episode is in a 90-minute slot and serves as the pilot for a planned series.