The United Kingdom is cracking down on violent pornography, after a campaign led by the family of a 31-year-old teacher killed by a man obsessed with watching websites showing necrophilia.

The Home Office said on Wednesday that it will "make it an offence to own images featuring scenes of extreme sexual violence," according to Reuters:

The new law would outlaw any material that featured violence that was, or appeared to be, life-threatening or likely to result in serious and disabling injury.

This type of material was already illegal in the United Kingdom, but websites were ignoring the law and the government was doing nothing about it: 

Although it is already illegal to distribute or publish such images under the Obscene Publications Act, the material has become increasingly available via the Internet.

"The vast majority of people find these forms of violent and extreme pornography deeply abhorrent," Coaker said.

"Such material has no place in our society but the advent of the Internet has meant that this material is more easily available and means existing controls are being by-passed — we must move to tackle this."

Presumably, the government will now enforce the law fully and equally. We’ll see.