The Rolling Stones will tour the United States this summer, playing in large stadia in fifteen cities mostly in Middle America. See if yours is one of them.

Writing at USA Today, Lauren Piester claims that “April will go down as the best month in TV history,” and the article is apparently not intended as an April Fool’s joke, although none of the examples she cites interests me in the slightest, except for the finale of Justified. Read it and see whether you agree with her.

With new Daily Show host Trevor Noah coming under heavy fire from politically correct internet storm troopers, comedian Patton Oswalt unleashed a funny series of tweets mocking the controversy—and the increasingly ludicrous constraints on public discourse—ensuring people of all types that the joke was not intended to offend:

He goes on in this vein with nearly thirty other tweets, then explains,


Have a great Thursday.

And by “great,” I do not intend any offense against people of less-than-average height. . . .