I recently wrote a post about how the hot fall TV trend is interracial lesbian relationships. I argued that Hollywood has long had an agenda to normalize homosexual behavior, and because of that many Americans vastly overestimate the gay and lesbian population. One commenter, Edmond D. Smith, was kind enough to say that because I had the temerity to say such things that I am “obviously racist, sexist and homophobic.” You gotta love that: three for the price of one! In the fevered totalitarian leftist secularist progressive mind if you speak unpopular truths, to them, you are unmitigated evil. But speak we must.

As I wrote in that previous post, last year the CDC did an extensive study and found that self-professed homosexuals make up 1.6 percent of the American population. Yet because of popular culture, and specifically the number of gay and lesbian story lines coming out of Hollywood, most Americans would be shocked at this number. I got startling confirmation of this distorted perception from my own family not long ago. I don’t know why I was so surprised.

I asked my mother, sister, niece and her boyfriend what they think the percentage of homosexuals in the population is. I got 35 to 40%, 25% and 30%, with one abstaining, I think. Seriously, you believe one or two out of every five people you meet and interact with are homosexuals? Really? Compare that to the actual number of 1.6 percent. If I got most of my information about American culture from our media and pop culture I would most likely think this too.

One of those who commented on my previous post asked me to prove it, that what comes out of Hollywood could normalize peoples’ perception of homosexuals and homosexuality. It’s really not that difficult. Check out this List of television programs with LGBT characters from Wikipedia. That is a very long list; no wonder so many Americans have such an inaccurate picture.  A couple weeks ago we watched the very last episode of the final season of the wonderful NBC series Parenthood, and they just had to get a lesbian storyline into the plot. I will confess, “racist, sexist and homophobic” person that I am, that it annoyed me. Now given that the Braverman family is completely irreligious, there were many things in the show I disagreed with, but you would think we could get through an entire series on television in the 21st Century without a homosexual plot line. I guess not.

To clarify, when I say Hollywood has an agenda, I don’t mean to imply that there is some vast left-wing conspiracy to undermine conservative religious values. It’s not that simple. Art will always reflect the values and worldview of its authors, and what comes out of Hollywood is not an exception to this rule. There are no neutral stories because what we see on our TVs (and other devices), and in our cinemas are beliefs wrapped in stories. So as long as the writing rooms of Hollywood studios are filled with secular, irreligious progressives, and as long as the studios are run by such people, and as long as the directors and producers and actors are such people, we shouldn’t be surprised at what they produce.