On Pajamas Media, Victor Davis Hanson notes six aspects of illegal immigration—those proverbial eight hundred pound gorillas in the back of the room—that corrupt media, public officials, businessmen, and clergy studiously avoid talking about:

1) Why the Sense of Exemption? …. the unspoken assumption of the advocates of open borders (or at least of those who feel that illegal aliens should be exempt from federal immigration statutes) [is that] historical grievances have made enforcement of the law rather debatable ….
2) The Great Paradox …. It all makes little or no sense, other than the emotional anger at the paradox of wanting to be in a lawful America without being lawful.
3) The Distortions of Affirmative Action …. I do not understand how mere transit across the border enables the illegal alien to plug into the industry of affirmative action.
4) A Cultural Elite …. without the arrival of the illegal alien in massive numbers without education, capital, legality and English, the Hispanic activists and cultural elite have no reason to be, since soon there would be no disparity that can be blamed on oppression or racism — and thus no need for self-appointed collective representation [such as La Raza].
5) Profiling …. If the Border Patrol can question those on the American side of the fence on reasonable grounds, then why cannot the policeman do so too a few miles distant?
6. There is now no law …. The federal government and federal courts prefer to ignore laws that violate their own, but void those that copy them.



Article by Victor Davis Hanson on Pajamas Media.

Davis has also written Mexifornia: A State of Becoming and Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity.

A classic book on the problems, perils, and pitfalls of increasing LEGAL immigration is Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation.

Mike Gray