A single question from an anonymous audience member stopped in its tracks an ABC News panel convened to debate Satan’s existence.

An ABC News Nightline Face Off took on the topic of God and the Devil with perpetually hip pastor Marc Driscoll of Mars Hill Church installed as host for the event, which took place in the charmingly Left-leaning city of Seattle, Washington. The panel featured Annie Lobert, founder of “Hookers for Jesus”, Carlton Pearson, an unorthodox Protestant preacher who adorns himself in Catholic garb, and last but certainly not least, Deepak Chopra, President Obama’s unofficial New Age ambassador.

At some point during the festivities one of the panelists made the assertion that “all belief is a cover-up for insecurity.” An anonymous audience member saw through this bit of fatuous nonsense and responded. The looks on the faces of the panel members are simply precious when he hoists these folks on their own petard.

HT: The Culture Alliance’s Mike D’Virgilio.