What do Tim Tebow, the US Military, Chris Broussard and Chick-fil-A have in common? They are all examples in 2013 America that our cultural elites HATE Christians, and will do anything they can to silence, delegitimize, stigmatize, and demonize them. Western cultural elites have always hated Christians, but the boomer venerated 1960s started a process of culture forming professions being taken over, so to speak, by secular progressives. By now media, entertainment and education/academia are totally dominated by these people who literally despise conservative Christianity. Yes I know, those are some serious blanket statements, and I know that not every person who works in those professions literally hates Christians, but the ones that don’t care one way or the other bring no balance to the hatred of the rest.

These professions have been dominated by left-liberals for decades, so what makes 2013 so different? Re-defining marriage has become the cause célèbre of our cultural elites, that’s what. The vehicle of redefining marriage has finally given these elites what they’ve always known and wanted to permeate into the general culture: Christians are bigots! They are narrow minded, hate filled, hypocritical, self-righteous bigots! See, Christians want to keep homosexuals from being happy, from having the same rights as everyone else. Now everyone can see what we’ve always known about these irrational religious fanatics.

I’m not sure when this became the agenda of the radicals that want to redefine marriage, or if it was always such. But at some point along the way in the last several years the redefine marriage PR project came up with the incredibly absurd term “marriage equality.” That pretty much gave the game away: how can any reasonably intelligent well meaning person be against equality! And for quite a few years, not sure exactly how many, before this became about “equality,” the redfiners have been comparing the poor homosexual souls who don’t have a “right” to marriage to blacks who suffered real discrimination and bigotry in America for over 200 years. Most blacks who are not knee jerk liberals take offense at such a specious comparison, but that hasn’t stopped liberals from using it.

The article I linked to above about Tim Tebow is what prompted this little blog post, because I read it right after I read the Wall Street Journal article about the military, and had recently read Hillsdale College’s latest Imprimis piece by R.R. Reno on religious liberty in America. We are coming to a point in American culture where the hatred of Christians by our cultural elites is going to start having real consequences. The vast majority of Americans do not buy into this perversion that Christians are evil bigots, but they are mostly powerless and too busy with their lives to worry much about it. And many of them buy into the business about redefining marriage being the only fair thing to do, ignorant of the heart of the radicals’ real agenda.

What’s amazing about how easily hoodwinked well-intentioned Americans have become on this, is that it is all based on an easily disprovable assertion: that homosexuality, or same-sex attraction is genetically no different than skin color (these people are an inconvenient fact for the ideologues). Think about the implications: I can’t help it, therefore it must be good and right and true, and the entire country must not only accommodate me, it must change to affirm me unequivocally. I can’t help it, therefore it must be hard wired into my genes from conception. I can’t help it, so you’d better accept me, celebrate me, or we will have you banished from polite society; we will bully you until you shut the hell up!

At some point this bizarre chapter in American history will be seen for what it is, and it won’t be the inevitable march of history toward enlightenment because, well, all these young people think it’s just a peachy idea. No, I’m convinced the truth can only be distorted and suppressed for so long, then reality will reassert itself. Much of Western cultural elite at one time thought communism was the inevitable march of history, and now there are only, sadly, a few pathetic outposts of communism left in the world.

Until then, my friends, I proudly wear the Scarlet “C” and the mockery and scorn of the “enlightened” of our time.