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Feeling lucky?

Winning the lottery is the cherished dream held by many. Occasionally, however, being a winner can be a nightmare:

Some have stories about dreams fulfilled, about investments that ensure wealth for generations to come. Others talk about making an effort not to change at all; of continuing to work; of driving the same car, living in the same house. And others tell of a plague of problems and of sieges of beggars; family, friends and strangers; of lawsuits between relatives and of being dragged to court by the government; and in one case, prison on tax fraud charges.

And then there’s always someone like this guy.


Running up the tab

Unlike the lamestream media, which have the implicit patriotic responsibility to monitor the government and alert American citizens to its usurpations of power, Phyllis Schlafly has been paying attention to what’s been happening since the current administration took over. It is mind-boggling how much money has been expended in domestic social programs alone during the last four decades; the United States could have fought and won four World War IIs compared with the so-called War on Poverty and have more to show for it:

To get an idea of how big is the debt Obama is creating, which ultimately will have to be paid by the Middle Class, let’s compare spending on welfare to spending on fighting wars. Since the beginning of LBJ’s Great Society spending, our government has spent $15.9 trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars) on means-tested welfare, which is more than twice the cost of all major fighting wars in U.S. history. We spent only $4.1 trillion (in 2008 dollars) on World War II, which was the most expensive single undertaking in U.S. history.


California is a basket case

Brenda Walker lives in the Golden State and writes periodically for If any state can be said to signal which way the nation will be going politically and culturally, California is it. It looks more and more like the once-golden state could be America’s future:

If industrial outsourcing, permissive immigration, ridiculously generous pensions and punitive regulation were winning strategies for a balanced budget, then California would still be a great success instead of an increasingly Mexified state with growing pockets of third-world slums and a permanent underclass. California is a textbook case of stupid and irresponsible governance, largely because failed political ideologies are still popular in the halls of the state legislature. Economist Milton Friedman famously observed, "You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state." California has surely demonstrated the folly of trying to do exactly that.


He’s a "natural born" citizen—or is he?

According to Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota):

President Obama’s mother was a citizen of the United States, and children of American citizens are conferred citizenship at birth, meaning that Barack Obama was born a citizen of this country regardless of the location of his birth.

So that settles it, right? Not exactly. There are such matters as his mother being underage at the time, his father being a British subject, and Obama’s dual citizenship which raise endless questions about his actual status as a U. S. citizen.

The controversy has made it to the courts, naturally, with most cases being tossed out. According to WorldNetDaily, the President has already spent close to a million dollars on a phalanx of lawyers jealously guarding his personal records from public scrutiny. Even if there’s nothing to all of this, you can’t help but be a little suspicious of his attitude:

A hearing Monday is set to determine whether the U.S. Justice Department will get its motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of president or whether the case will move forward to be heard on its merits.

Before you dismiss the idea out of hand that the President might not be a natural born American citizen, you would do well to peruse WorldNetDaily’s ample archive of over 300 articles on Barack Obama’s eligibility and then decide.


Mike Gray