Somehow I missed this year’s celebration of the Great American God-Out. A group of undoubtedly amiable fanatical nitwits decided to start an annual celebration of godlessness, the first of which occurred this past November 15 and raised absolutely no fanfare at all:

THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT is a newly demarcated holiday wherein like "The Great American Smokeout"* individuals are encouraged to combine their supportive efforts to help prevent and cure disease. Even if just for one day–people will live as as if there is no god; people will live as if there only exists the goodness of self and others to sustain healthy living.

THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT will also provide people the opportunity to lobby for genuine separation of church and state and live–even if just for one day–as if there are no barriers to having access to our Constitutional rights.

Obviously the idea didn’t gain much traction, as I cannot recall the local or national news bursting with stories about the countless joyous parties celebrated by tens of millions of people across the nation who delight in an existence without any particular meaning and a powerful desire to ensure that a nation founded on Christian values should not be able to express them except in private.

One wonders how the great mass of atheists across this fine land managed to avoid grabbing public attention with their day of happiness, cheer, benevolence, charity, and engaging in the exquisitely grotesque delusion that contemporary America is a theocracy.

Certainly the notion that living "as if there is no" God means there will be only "the goodness of self and others" and "healthy living" would come as a huge surprise to the hundreds of millions of people who lived under joyfully godless communist regimes during the past century.

It’s a fact, after all, that such nations had to build walls on their borders with Christian or ex-Christian nations (aka hated theocracies) in order to ensure that the people enjoying the "healthy living" of godless societies thanks to the inherent "goodness of self and others" didn’t rush out as fast as they could and slam the doors behind them.

These people’s idea of a world without God is so phony only a fool could believe it.

Their hope, of course, is that the world is well-stocked with fools. 

Me, I’m sticking with Christmas.

I wish you, too, a Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year.