Ted TurnerIn a comment on our Turner Classic Movies post below, Mike Tooney says, "If the gay agenda has indeed become a factor in corporate asset allocation decisions, a multitude of mischief could ensue." He also wonders about Ted Turner’s possible role in TCM’s decision to pursue an openly homosexual agenda on what used to be a channel devoted to appreciating old movies.

I have long thought Time Warner an exceedingly corrupt influence on our culture, and this current attempt to turn an old-movie museum into a forum for antinomian attitudes is certainly part and parcel of the Time Warner ethos.

I think that Turner has no influence over TCM at this point, given that it is part of the empire he sold to Time Warner in exchange for a voice in that vast organization in 1996 as vice chairman. (Turner resigned from that position in 2003 and is no longer on the company’s board of directors.)

This latest move at TCM is all Time Warner’s doing, it appears. 

That corporations can pursue values entirely antithetical to those of their intended audience shows just how oligarchical the media are today, and how unfree our culture really is.