Those of us on the right are used to being mocked and ridiculed by the progressive entertainment-industrial complex, but there is so much more material on the left that is rife for mockery, in my (suitably biased) view. Watching the recording of last weekend’s Saturday Night Live the other night (I skip most of it, because most of it isn’t very funny), I happened to catch a digital short. I’m glad I did. It was not only hilarious but also actually mocks the PC obsession of our cultural elite with living a risk-free life.

Andy Samberg was back and helped deliver one of the best SNL Digital Shorts since “D**k in a Box.” Joining Samberg was show host Adam Levine, of a band called Moroon 5 and a coach on The Voice.

“You only live once, the battle cry of a generation, so don’t get crazy, it’s not worth the risk.” So starts “YOLO,” which has already gotten over 21 million views on Youtube. Watch it, and for once enjoy seeing the other side get a good dose of pop culture ridicule: