There is a great deal of energy and resources spent addressing the issue of Left-wing domination on America’s colleges and universities. David Horowitz has done yeoman’s work documenting the networks indoctrinating students in higher education. Groups such as the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Institute for Humane Studies, and others work diligently combating the illiberal education provided in many colleges and universities. This quote, from Lloyd Marcus writing for the American Thinker, reminds us that we need to focus as much, if not more so, on K-12 education:

“Years ago, a white friend’s son came home from middle school in tears over the cruelty of our founding fathers against Native Americans. Today, that kid is a 23 year old America-hating Marxist. Thank you public schools for your liberal America-sucks curriculum.”

Years later K-12 students are getting much of the same as reported by a student in the Chicago, Illinois area, who is currently in the 12th grade. Her class schedule includes Advanced Placement English, Advanced Placement European History, Pre-Calculus, Theater Arts, French, and Gym class.

When asked if she has ever experienced what might be considered indoctrination in any of her classes she responded:

All the time! The books we are given to read alone are filled with enough garbage to brainwash any unsuspecting youth. Not to mention teachers always push their liberal agenda’s in the slyest but sometimes most blunt ways possible.

How does she characterize the ideology, if there was one, in her classes?

For most of the classes I have taken in my school career, there is a very secular and liberal ideology that every school I’ve attended embraced. I don’t think I’ve come across one conservative teacher in my 12 years of schooling, and therefore every teacher I had glorified liberal ideals, which the other students absorbed into their brains like it was the ultimate truth.

Is ideology limited to humanities type classes, such as English and History, or is it in other classes as well, like Math or Science?

Leftist ideologies usually dominate my history and English classes. However, in my freshman Honors Biology class, I had one of the most liberal, feminist, atheist teachers who wouldn’t let us say the word “believe” because “There is no believing in Science, only facts and truths.” Liberal ideology is usually centered around humanities type classes though. The social sciences books we read reek of leftist ideologies.

How have her teachers dealt with controversial subjects like global warming/climate change? Has politics come up in any of her classes, and if so, was it a free and open discussion or was it directed in a particular direction, either toward Democrats or Republicans, by the teacher?

My science teachers literally thought the world was going to come to an end tomorrow because of global warming. My freshman biology teacher constantly schooled the class of how “the blanket” metaphor was just perfect to explain how we cause global warming. I’ll also read about it in standardized tests we’ve had to take over the years. Politics comes up abundantly in my social sciences classes. The teachers of these classes have always tried to have open discussions about them, but they always end up interjecting their liberal opinions and then all of the sudden the class completely agrees with what they said. They also seem to like to pose questions that make conservatives look horrible.

How does this student describe the influence her teachers have on her and your classmates?

Well seeing that teachers teach us a majority of what we know in life, I’d say that teachers have a huge influence on students. I realize that because most teachers are liberal, the students they teach start to have the same mindset as well, unless they were already firmly rooted in more conservative beliefs. As for myself, I’m one of the few who is a strong conservative, so my teachers influence on me is slim to none.

This is one student whose home life has prepared her to withstand the ideological onslaught present in K-12 education. How many other students are not so lucky?

In response to this many on the Right make a not illogical decision and pull their kids out of public schools in favor of private schools or even take on the task of teaching their children through homeschooling. This is not an imprudent tactic given what passes for pedagogy in America’s K-12 schools today. It does, however, abandon a huge majority of the population to the Leftist ideologues running our public school system. It is a tactic that allows American culture to drift further and further left.

Criticism only goes so far, and Americans cannot withdraw into a bunker mentality while left-wing anti-American ideologues send the next generation home from grade schools crying “over the cruelty of our founding fathers against Native Americans.”

The Culture Alliance is examining an idea currently dubbed the “American Education Project”. We envision a program modeled on the popular Teach for America program. Our intent would be to get young college graduates who respect America’s foundational values directly involved in the education of future generations. Just as The Culture Alliance works to bring young people into the Cultural Influence Professions, such as the arts, filmmaking, and journalism, we also want to place those who respect a culture of liberty and personal responsibility in teaching positions where they shall shape the next generation of Americans. As the Horowitz Freedom Center and others wants to bring ideological balance to higher education, The Culture Alliance wants that same balance present in K-12 education.

We can reform our K-12 schools such that they teach children true history, reading, writing, math and science, and that reform can begin in America’s poorest and most underserved schools. TCA’s “American Education Project” can be an instrument of that reformation. This idea is early in development and we would be interested in hearing from anyone who may be able to contribute to its realization. If you know someone with a desire to help young, center-right college students get involved with America’s K-12 education system then we want to hear from them. Please share this message so they may contact us. If you think you have something to contribute please do not be shy. Drop us a line, and help us put in place a program that will eventually break the stranglehold the Left has on American public education.