Pro Life

The Planned Parenthood videos (see a “Quick and Easy Guide” to them at the Federalist) have put the pro-abortion movement on the defensive unlike at any time in the sordid history of legal abortion in America. Of course many abortion defenders have just attacked the messenger, as if Planned Parenthood was not in fact selling baby body parts for a profit. All justified in the name of Science, don’t you know. But one of the most telling and sad responses is by a Lindy West who started something called¬†#ShoutYourAbortion. What stood out to me in an article she penned for The Guardian announcing it was this intro:

Last week I realised that, even among my pro-choice friends, I never, ever talk about my abortion. We need to chip away at stigma, at lies, at the climate of shame.

So we are to believe that any shame a woman feels for killing her child is simply a stigma imposed from a society that doesn’t understand or accept her decision? And what lies? That having an abortion is killing a human being? That is simply an indisputable fact of science. At conception what comes to exist inside the mother is a unique individual completely distinct from the mother and the father with it’s own distinct genetic code. So it is indeed a human being. But according to the Supreme Court these last forty plus years, not a person and thus it’s life can be snuffed out for any and every reason up to birth. That is the law of the land.

Unfortunately for Ms. West, and fortunately for the human race, shame isn’t a matter of climate; you can’t just turn the thermostat down on shame. Nope, the human condition is filled with shame, and thank God for it. The first thing Adam and Eve did after their fall was to hide; they were afraid because they were naked. They had done something wrong by eating what God had told them not to eat, they had disobeyed and were now afraid. Judgment is like that. It doesn’t feel good to know we’ve done wrong and admit it. We prefer to hide. The hiding isn’t necessarily good, but feeling the shame for having done wrong certainly is. By it we admit there is such a thing as wrong, that God’s law exists, that we live in a moral universe where right and wrong are objectively real.

What could be more shameful, more worthy of shame, than a women purposefully ending a life that grows within her. Here is the bottom line: If there is no God, there are then no objective moral values, no right and wrong that exist outside of our own personal ¬†or cultural preferences, and thus absolutely nothing inherently wrong with killing unborn babies. If there is a God, then the shame a woman feels for killing her unborn child is sadly deserved, and we don’t do her or anyone else a favor by pretending otherwise.