A bit of video is circulating the ‘net in which America Hating Leftist and Dictator Apologist Extraordinaire Sean Penn expresses his desire to see critics of Venezuelan Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez go “to prison” for expressing their views. Here’s the entire exchange from the March 5th, 2010 “Real Time with Bill Maher:”

Sean: “Everyday this elected leader is called a … a dictator here, and we just accept it and accept it. And this is Main Stream Media who should … truly there should be a bar by which they … one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.”

Bill: “I … I gotta move … to the panel cause I … we’ve … uh … we’re hoping …

Sean: “Sorry”

Bill: “No, No, No. Someday we’ll have you back, and we’ll ask you in more depth if he’s a dictator or not.”

‘If’ he’s a dictator, Mr. Maher? Did you miss  the bit about shredding the Constitution’s First Amendment and throwing journalists in prison for dissenting from Sean Penn’s worldview?  Maybe it’s a bit much to expect one Ignorant Leftist to confront another Ignorant Leftist on the niceties of Freedom of Speech.

Instead Maher shifts subjects, giving Penn the figurative rope to hang himself … uh … I mean explain his deep felt wish that Penn’s critics should “die screaming of rectal cancer” with Penn declaring his comment “was … that’s … it’s a little out of context.” Uh, huh. Out of context? You decide:

Concerning the media sent to prison for criticizing Chavez, Penn should be happy to know that his South American Commie dictator buddy Chavez is doing what he can to make sure that happens.

Sean Penn’s stupidity leads actress Maria Conchita Alonso to publish the following in an Open Letter to the Hollywood tyrant-lover:

We live in the U.S.A., the land of opportunity to do and say what we desire,  respecting dissenting points of view, of course and without reprisals.

Then WHY do you defend a government whose stronghold upon its people is so oppressive that a big price is paid for exercising freedom of speech: Persecutions, closing of radio and television stations, jail…and even death? …

Sean, have you considered researching the existence of the growing list of political prisoners, including journalists, on your own? For your information Chile, Peru and Costa Rica has that data. Furthermore, many of these prisoners are tortured and their families persecuted and threatened, just like the Cuba you stand up for.

Is that what you support when you publicly declare that all those that say that Chavez is a dictator should go to jail?

Sean, you have the right to say what you want, but as far as I know, your statements are contradictory to “Freedom of Speech”, the same one you enjoy in this country …

It is nice to know that not everyone in Hollywood is a brain-dead moron like Sean Penn and Bill Maher. The more they speak out, the more they let slip the mask that covers their totalitarian natures and their longing to see those who oppose them dead or jailed.

The entire Penn-Maher exchange is well worth watching. Those who suffer from high blood pressure might want to have their meds close at hand.

By the way, Mr. Penn, do you really want to send me to prison for calling Hugo Chavez an America Hating, Communist Dictator?


To quote one of my favorite green-skinned characters: “You and what army?”