367274The strong connection between progressive elitism and fascism, noted a few years ago by Jonah Goldberg, is on evidence in Britain’s struggles regarding the future of Scotland, writes English libertarian David Davis:

The breaking of the UK must have the planet’s less nice scumbags and GFNs chortling into their latte (whatever that might be) and gleefully rubbing their hands over a potential strategic advance. The Global War, for that is what it is, is against English liberalism and no other thing. Only this stands between Man and the Endarkenment. It has been like this for almost 150 years, but this time they’re on the Garden Wall.

Tony Blair, remarkable in this spat for keeping his head well down (wouldn’t you?) and only making one quick guest appearance, is the proximal cause. Wanting to make Scotland one entire Socialist Pocket Borough so that conservatism would never be near government again, he began the bribery auction in the late 90s. What he achieved in fact was a true nationalist-socialist victory instead – and I don’t need to say what those words mean. This was the inevitable result of “devolution”, coupled with vast money transfers North, to provide the appearance of efficacy.

Almost at the deadline, we have numbers of fellows and others wheeled out to say how negative the consequences would be if Scotland votes to go. Here, here, here and here, for example. Oh, and here too.

If I was a ScotzNatz, all these sad hand-wringing negative pleas and gestures would only serve to harden my resolve to say “Yes”. Perhaps the BritishPoliticalEnemyClass is playing a double bluff, and actually _wants Scotland to go_ , but I doubt it. It would mean almost certain oblivion for the LibDems and the improbability of a Labour government in England and Wales ever again. These awful people can’t be that stupid as to not think of this since Socialist-LibDems, Socialists and Socialist-Tories are now part of the monochrome furniture of British political-class-looting and mooching.

I think that Davis aptly characterizes the current condition of (what is now laughably called) Western civilization. The English and their descendant nations around the world, known as the Anglosphere, have been the world’s main bulwark against against tyranny for centuries, and have been just about the only consistent force against such evils since the late eighteenth century.

The current move for Scottish independence, as Davis notes, is a result of self-interested political perfidy among the British Labour Party for the past couple of decades. As Davis also notes, Scottish independence would actually destroy Labour’s base of support and doom the party to years or decades of minority status.

Even should that happen, it will be exceedingly difficult to rescue Britain from the decades of unbridled immigration by people who have no understanding of and in fact hostility to the traditional sense of individual rights that has prevailed in Britain for more than a millennium. (And it remains an open question whether the main body of native Britons has the stomach for the fight. I suspect it doesn’t.) Britain has become a place where Sharia law is practiced openly, in defiance of the nation’s laws, and where government routinely and flagrantly places the desires, cultural practices, and even criminal behavior of immigrants above the rights of native Britons. The results have been horrifying, which is in fact something of an understatement, as the vile and disgraceful refusal of police and other public authorities to pursue, punish, and end the rampant violent sexual exploitation of white English girls by Pakistani Muslims in Rotherham makes abundantly clear.

That is what is in store for us in the United States should the nation’s elites enjoy a few more years of continued success in deploying their toxic progressive formula of increasing economic inequality, dependence on government, and mass immigration from nations that hold ideas antithetical to ours. And there will be no referendum for independence here.