TV host Rosie O'DonnellABC Television has announced that Rosie O’Donnell, controversial host of the daytime show The View, will be leaving the program, as her contract has not been renewed.

O’Donnell said on her show today that ABC wanted her to stay on for three years, but she wanted to commit to only one.

The tenure of the pathologically unbridled O’Donnell as host of the program proved that a big mouth and penchant for irresponsible statements offered with intense sincerity and regular bouts of uncontrolled rage can make for a lucrative career in television.

O’Donnell frequently brought much attention to herself—and higher ratings for her show—by her bizarre and paranoid claims about various U.S. policies and her continued championing of an out-of-control, thoroughly demented, and corrosive entertainment culture.

Her behavior was thoroughly egregious, but the fact that she used politically correct language and represented modern liberalism enabled her to avoid the fate of Don Imus, which she certainly deserved.

Indeed, one would enjoy seeing the other many relentless blowhards now on national television fail to "have their contracts renewed."

It would be a happy thing indeed, but it is not going to happen.

In a society with widely distributed access to media and no set of shared values, what I call the Omniculture, there is a mad din of voices at all times, and the loudest ones will typically gain the most attention.

For a time, that is.

Eventually we tire of those particular nitwits and move on to other asinine loudmouths—usually even louder ones. This is what passes for a culture today. 

O’Donnell’s departure from The View may indeed be, as she suggests, entirely of her own volition, or it may not. Regardless, there will surely be a place for her on some other ratings-starved outlet such as MSNBC or CNBC.

The fact that being loud and stupid is a moneymaking proposition in America today means that more Rosies and the like are in our future.