Telescreen from '1984'

Woodstock’s revenge

On WorldNet Daily, Erik Rush ruefully reports that the idealists of his generation are now in charge — of just about everything, but particularly in the political realm.

The media are largely comprised of Rush’s contemporaries, which could explain the "reverence" they evince for The One We Have Been Waiting For:

Some have used words such as "surreal" and "creepy" to denote manifestations of the cult of Obama. This incapacity on the part of Americans to ascribe deception or subterfuge to significant statements our president has made and then proved false via subsequent action is decidedly queer. Still, calling him on it – or anything else, for that matter – remains unequivocally objectionable. The reverence with which Obama devotees view him is more akin to that reserved for African tribal chieftains than American presidents; if you diss the latter, his supporters contend that you’re full of crap, whereas if you diss the former, his supporters bash your skull in with large, gnarly hardwood cudgels.

I can remember when Communism was radically chic back in the ’60s. Looks like it’s making a comeback with the current administration.

(Erik Rush’s WND archive is here.)


Orwell’s telescreen is sitting on your desk

The thing about most technology is that it can harm as well as help. (I remember a film in which a teaspoon was used to threaten a spy into confessing.)

When governments utilize technology, most of the time it’s to protect the citizenry. The problem is that any tech used against an external threat can also be used against a nation’s population. (Surveillance technology is especially susceptible to abuse.) But it’s not the technology, it’s the people using it.

Phil Elmore notes that, while it’s not surprising Red China has its population electronically snitching on its own officials (if you can believe it) and Britain is encouraging its citizens to go through each other’s trash (no joke), the United States isn’t lagging far behind:

Are you wondering if this culture of informing, this tattletale nation of citizens suspiciously monitoring their fellow citizens’ law-abiding behavior, can happen here? You shouldn’t. You, as an American, live under a brittle almost-dictatorship headed by a man who cannot stand criticism and who cannot abide dissent …. When Obama’s transition website,, can be retroactively scrubbed to remove all references to his confiscatory plans to disarm American citizens, Orwell’s prediction of a revisionist State has already come true. When Obama can go on record as saying that he supports single-payer socialist medicine, then baldly lie and say he doesn’t, Orwell’s vision of a dishonest and double-speaking State is reality.

(Phil Elmore’s WND archive is here.)


Mike Gray