“[B]ehold moral relativism – the reigning moral paradigm in contemporary American academia – exposed for the empty philosophy of meaning that it is,” declares Terrell Clemmons at Salvo Magazine’s blog, “Signs of the Times.” Mr. Clemmon’s comment comes in response to an associate professor’s exchange concerning the images at right.

This image is from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s traveling photo exhibit, titled “Genocide Awareness Project,” which depicts images of Jews slaughtered in Nazi Concentration Camps, lynched black Americans, and what abortion does to unborn children. Mr. Clemmons noted that first two are “historically recognized forms of genocide.” The latter is our contemporary genocide of the unborn.

CBR tours the exhibit on college campuses across America. At the University of Maryland, CBR staff member Seth Drayer respectfully engaged associate professor of philosophy Susan Dwyer. In their brief exchange they tackled such questions as:

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What is the value of a human life?
  • Where does that value come from?

Prof. Dwyer’s responses are enlightening, if not encouraging, concerning academia’s current condition. In less then ten minutes, viewers of the video below get an idea why so many college students leave academia knowing less about reality than they did going in. Here is one brief exchange between Mr. Drayer and Prof. Dwyer:

SD: “Are you valuable?”

Prof. Dwyer: “I don’t even know what that means.” …

SD: “Your value stands upon you being human.”

Prof. Dwyer: “But … But that’s really not to say anything.”

Professor made the following statement while standing in front of images like those depicted above:

“I do not know, and would not pretend to assume the true answer to the question of why lynching is wrong, or why abortion is wrong, or why genocide is wrong.”

Watch the entire video to fully grasp Prof. Dwyer’s agnosticism in the face of horror.