The following poem, which we present with the permission of the author, is another in our series from a collection of poems written during or shortly after Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation. The entire collection may be found on the website of The Deronda Review ( under the title ‘Our Prayers for Israel.’”

Lifting of the Fog

By Shoshanah Weiss

As Toldot entered we witnessed the emerging of the progenitors of Esau.
His hands shake us into fits.
We awaken from our deep slumber.
Rockets attack and wailing is heard throughout Israel.
Our machzorim have been put away on the bookshelves.
But, the shofar on high bids us to repent once more.
Avinu Malkeinu prayers are heard at the Kotel.
As the Philistine nation rears its bloody head from the borders of Aza again.
Where are our Shoftim and Shotrim?
Who can protect us from harm’s way.
We are not safe anywhere in the world.
Protest erupts against the Jews worldwide.

Tensions flaring
The hearts of the Klal are leaping from fear to fear.
Dreading more sleepless nights
The sirens are blaring through darkness and fog.
Each morning I am bleary eyed.
I am addicted to the news reports each hour.

As I stand from afar, my soul seeks temporary relief from the waves of Lake Michigan.
Standing at the beach, I can perceive the grandeur of G-d again.
Beaches are empty now, with dried out weeds and brown leaves scattered along the shore.
Being at the water helps me to reconfigure my thinking.

Man is a player on the stage of the world.
His vision is cloudy and murky.
Like a cataract over the eye.
Isaac became blind.
Jacob gains the birthright through his father’s confusion.
Esau’s cries are heard above Jacobs.

May my tears pierce through the fog cover of heaven.
Let our vision become cleared to herald the ram’s horn of Elijah the prophet.
Lift us up so we can have a clearing and usher in the peace.
It is mincha time.
I watch the birds fly in the sky near the horizon
My prayers become invigorated, powerful, more intense and renewed.
Bowing my head I give my burden over to heaven’s divine plan.