'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)' (2005)

Over the years, I’ve been collecting Regnery’s series of oversized paperbacks grouped under the umbrella title of Politically Incorrect Guides™, or PIGs—and in my opinion every one of them has been worth the money.

These PIGs are jam-packed with information and facts—call them inconvenient truths—that have been chronically suppressed by the cultural commissars who permeate education, politics, public opinion, and religion.

True, I don’t agree with every single assertion contained in them, but I enjoy being challenged in my thinking—sometimes enough to actually do the research to confirm or discredit them.

What usually follows is a jaw drop followed by "Dang! I didn’t know that!"—or words to that effect.

If you’ve never read any of them and you’re not afraid of new and possibly dangerous ideas, then by all means start adding these PIGs to your menagerie.

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of The Politically Incorrect Guides™ to:

The Great Depression and the New Deal
The Founding Fathers
The Sixties
American History
Islam (and the Crusades)
Global Warming and Environmentalism
The Civil War
The Middle East
The Bible
The Constitution
The South (and Why It Will Rise Again)
English and American Literature
Darwinism and Intelligent Design
Women, Sex, and Feminism
Western Civilization
The Vietnam War

Reviews of some of these guides are forthcoming on TAC.


Mike Gray