I was almost tempted to title this post, “Liberalism Kills,” because, well, that’s what it often does.

What is it about the illogic of modern liberalism. They seem impervious to how reality actually works, and are completely blind to the consequences of their own beliefs. This Utopian impulse of wanting to create a world that is impossible to create is not limited to liberals of course because it is a human nature thing, but the left wing of the political/cultural spectrum is especially susceptible to such delusions.

This morning I was reading about the horrible shooting at the junior college in Oregon, and see that President Obama’s response to it, good progressive that his is, is to call for more gun legislation. Here is exactly how he put it last night:

So tonight, as those of us who are lucky enough to hug our kids a little closer are thinking about the families who aren’t so fortunate, I’d ask the American people to think about how they can get our government to change these laws, and to save these lives and let these people grow up.

Because of their confidence in the power of government to shape a society to their liking, despite all the evidence to the contrary that this is even possible, progressives’ response to every problem is more government control. They reason, unreasonably, that the more government and laws we have, the better off we will be. So they want to pass something that is inherently oxymoronic: gun control laws. Just as the irony of the title of this post implies, it is in fact people that do the killing, not the guns. Guns are simply an easier means to the end of death than a knife or some other instrument that can inflict harm. So since it is impossible to control an inanimate object like a gun, the wiser and more obvious course is to control human beings as best we can.

The school where the shooting happened sadly swallowed liberal bromides. They did not allow guns on campus. According to the LA Times:

The campus employs at least one security officer, and several faculty members are retired law enforcement personnel, according to school officials. But none of them are allowed to be armed, she said.

“We have a no-guns-on-campus policy,” [college president Rita] Calvin said.

What is the ideal place for an evil sociopath to go on a killing spree with a gun? This shouldn’t be difficult to answer: a place where there are no guns! With the best of their self-righteous intentions, liberals think that if they just put up a sign, or pass an ordinance or law to keep guns out, there will be no guns! And thus nobody will ever get shot. And when liberals do such things they feel really good about themselves, as if they really did do something to address the problem, that their intentions will actually affect reality they way they want. But of course the exact opposite is the truth, as we see in this latest tragic school shooting.

I’m grateful liberals don’t run the church we attend. I was at an elders meeting not long ago, and we were given a presentation about security measures around the church. Afterwards I asked the gentlemen in charge of thinking through all this for the church what the policy was if some evil gun toting man entered our church one Sunday morning with murder in his heart. Let’s just put it this way: our church is not a gun free zone. So the only guy with a gun if such a thing should ever happen will not be the bad guy. This is, in fact, the only form of “gun control” that will actually work.