One of the most famous lines of movie dialogue of all time is Clint Eastwood’s question, "Do you feel lucky?" in Dirty Harry. (Actually, he states it a couple of different ways in that film.)

What most movie fans don’t know is that the line is not original to Eastwood’s film.

Screen image from 1948 film The GunfightersIn the 1947 Columbia Pictures Western Gunfighters, starring Randolph Scott (directed by George Waggner from the Zane Grey novel Twin Sombreros), at the climactic showdown between protagonist Brazos Kane (Scott) and secondary villain Orcutt (Forrest Tucker), Kane faces the gunman with his hands raised to shoulder level, poised to reach for his pistol, and says,

"Now, any time you feel lucky."

There’s a little fact with which to amaze your friends….