“Next Government Crackdown: 3D Printers”

According to Phil Elmore (WND, September 18, 2013), one of the wonders of our age is sitting in the government’s crosshairs:

Seemingly moments after an American business interest announced its intent to make available, and to print and test, an entirely 3D-printed plastic firearm, the United States government stepped in to crush the notion of freely available, freely printable weapons. Never mind that you have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms; never mind that the government has no authority to control the possession of information in a society ostensibly protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“Science is More than Mathematics”

Christopher Westley (Mises Daily, September 16, 2013) sees the value of mathematics in the hard sciences and its limitations in economics and social studies (not “sciences”):

. . . by adopting the mathematical models of the hard sciences, economists can easily treat the object of their study — the human person — in the same way that physical scientists examine particles of matter. Instead of living, choosing beings, the human person is easily reduced to elements that can be investigated and manipulated to achieve a preferred social end of the state. . . .The result today is a sort of intellectual-industrial complex in which governments extract funds by force from the masses and direct them to research institutions where individuals formulate models that provide scientific justifications for policies that require — surprise, surprise — that governments extract more funds by force from the masses.

“Darwinist Intolerance Is Intensifying”

The CREVO website (September 15, 2013) notes an “Orwellian view of academic freedom by a university that claims to respect controversial topics”:

Either this is the last gasp of Darwinists terrified that their world view is imploding, or (more likely), Satan is protecting his masterpiece at all costs. Whether or not you believe in a devil, the Darwin defenders are acting mighty devilish. They cannot allow open debate on their view, because it always gets trounced. Their only hope is to destroy their opponents before they can get a hearing.