longmireThe former A&E TV crime-drama series Longmire, cancelled this year, has found a new home. Netflix has announced it has picked up season four of the show, premiering ten new episodes next year.

As is the case with many TV series at the point of cancellation, season 3 of  Longmire ended with a cliffhanger, which will now be resolved in season four. Fans of the cancelled A&E crime drama The Glades will undoubtedly be envious—that series ended with the protagonist bleeding on the floor after being shot by an unidentified assailant as he was about to go to his wedding. The show’s producers were dumbfounded by the cancellation and had no way to resolve the story line for its loyal viewers.

This time Netflix is bailing out another A&E series’ viewers, but one has to wonder why anyone would watch any A&E drama with serialized elements when the network has shown such blatant disregard for its viewers. Netflix keeps earning loyalty from its viewers, while A&E once again displays all the integrity of a reality show contestant.