Screen image from CBS TV series JerichoAs we noted two weeks ago, CBS television has been contemplating resurrecting the series Jericho through some means or another, so as to give loyal viewers a satisfactory ending to the long-from narrative.

The network cancelled the show this spring after one season, and loyal viewers inundated the network with dismayed complaints and requests that the net do something to provide them with some resolution of the program’s story line. CBS announced that they would do something of the sort, but provided no details at the time.

CBS now appears to be planning to give the show’s viewers much more than anyone might have hoped. The Los Angeles Times reports:

The relentless campaign of loyal fans of "Jericho" may yet pay off: CBS is in talks to bring back the post-apocalyptic drama with a seven-episode midseason order.

No deals are yet in place, and there are several hurdles to overcome, but the fact that the network is moving to resurrect the canceled freshman series is a testament to legions of fans, whose tireless campaign to save the show has involved sending tens of thousands of pounds of nuts to top CBS executives.

Talks are under way with cast members, including star Skeet Ulrich, to return. The network is said to have options on all actors, but deals would need to be modified to reflect the unusual timing and number of episodes. As a result of proposed budget reductions, some of "Jericho’s" characters would not return for the abbreviated second season.

Serialized drama "Jericho," co-created and executive produced by Stephen Chbosky and executive produced by Jon Turteltaub, chronicles the lives of the residents of the Kansas town of Jericho who have survived a series of nuclear explosions throughout the U.S.

Nothing is etched in stone yet, but it’s clear that CBS is doing its best to satisfy loyal viewers. That is both decent behavior and good business sense.