As conservative critic/commentator Michael Medved notes, conservative bloggers have been attacking the forthcoming Fox News comedy series The Half Hour News Hour, which will premiere this Sunday night at 10 EST. The complaint has been that a few scenes released on YouTube have not been very funny or at least not uniformly so.

Having seen both shows in their entirety, Medved acknowledges that some scenes do indeed misfire, but he says that overall the program is good and that the humor is about as successful as in most comedy shows in their early weeks, meaning only fitfully so. Medved says that viewers, especially those on the right, should give it a chance:

For most people, the big question is whether The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, which debuts this Sunday night, February 18, is worth thirty minutes of your time?

After watching the first two episodes of the show, my answer is an unequivocal "Yes" — it’s worth watching, worth supporting, even if the project is very much a work in progress which, along with a few laughs, delivers a few moments of embarrassing, unfunny, ineptitude.

OK, Mike: will do.