A sign of hope for the UK: a group of jesters at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has put on a satire called Jihad! The Musical, which is billed as a "madcap gallop through the wacky world of international terrorism" and does indeed make fun of Islamic radicals. As Val McQueen notes in TCS Daily,

The musical tells the story of "a hapless Afghan peasant who wants nothing more than to sell poppies". He somehow falls into the hands of jihadi terrorists and conceives an ambition to be "Islamically renowned", to which end he sings show-stopper, "I Wanna Be Like Osama", where longing for "a jihad of my own" and waiting with a world-weary shrug for the CIA "to determine what I’m worth", he is surrounded by assault-weapon toting chorines clad in pink burqas.

It is playing in Edinburgh to sold-out audiences.

The two co-authors got their training in the United States, but the fact that the audiences have taken to this satire suggests that the UK just might finally be getting the point about the realities of the politics of Islam. We can only hope so.