'Live Lent' poster
Author and scholar David Mills knows from experience why it’s good to give something up for Lent each year.

Mills’s brief essay on the subject, available on the First Things website, tells us about two practical benefits of the practice.

Personally, I have found that giving something important up for Lent also has spiritual benefits, as countless people have observed over the years.

No one is too good or too refined to benefit from this brief annual reordering of priorities, Mills notes:

Even bookish types are addicted to the world’s pleasures, and perhaps more deeply so because we believe our tastes intellectual and refined. So just give up something. Almost anything will do, because once you give it up, you’ll want it. Start small, but start.

I strongly recommend that any Christians among our readership give it a try. As Dr. Mills notes, you will undoubtedly benefit in multiple ways.