AP reports that North Carolina officials have decided to drop the remaining charges against the three Duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape, kidnapping, and sexual offense and indicted by prosecutor Thomas Nifong in an obvious bid to garner votes from a certain class of persons in his reelection campaign:

State prosecutors have decided to drop all charges against three Duke lacrosse players accused of sexual assaulting a stripper at a team party, a person close to the case told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The North Carolina Attorney General’s office, which took over the case in January after the local district attorney was accused of ethics violations, said it would have an announcement on the case at 2:30 p.m.

That’s the right thing to do, but there’s much more work to be done. Nifong must be brought to account for his despicable misdeeds in the Duke false prosecution scandal.

All appropriate civil and criminal charges should be filed against him as soon as possible. In addition, the accuser should be brought under criminal charges.

Nifong and the accuser must be held accountable for the anguish, humiliation, and huge legal expenses they imposed on these young men who were entirely innocent of the wrongdoings of which they were so obviously falsely charged, and for the effect on these men’s families.

The actions of which the North Carolina bar has correctly accused Nifong—making misleading and inflammatory comments about the Duke players charged in the case, withholding evidence from defense attorneys, and lying to the court and state bar investigators—are criminal offenses and should be prosecuted to the full extent that North Carolina law allows.

This case, then, is far from over. The true criminals must be brought to justice.