avatar1217James Cameron would have a very hard time making his movie in Pandora. In fact, he’d have a hard time just watching his latest spectacle on that planet. Moreover, there is not a lot of time to just sit and meditate on one’s hatred of Western Civilization while trying to survive as a hunter-gatherer.

Avatar is another case of hypocritical, liberal-left, “Do as I say, not as I do” moralizing. So argues Popular Science:

Unlike Lucas’ more playful science fiction epic, Cameron reaches for a heavy environmental message. Avatar is every militant global warming supporter’s dream come true as the invading, technology-worshiping, environment-ravaging humans are set upon by an angry planet and its noble inhabitants. But the film’s message suffers mightily under the weight of mind-boggling hypocrisy. Cameron’s story clearly curses the proliferation of human technology. In Avatar, the science and machinery of humankind leads to soulless violence and destruction. It only serves to pollute the primitive but pristine paradise of Pandora.

Of course, without centuries of development in science and technology, the film putting forth this simple-minded, self-loathing worldview wouldn’t exist. You’d imagine Cameron himself would be bored to tears on the planet he created.

There are no movies on Pandora, so he’d be out of a job. The Na’vi rarely visit a multiplex. They sit around their glowing trees, chanting; they don’t build and sink titanic ocean liners, and they don’t construct deep-sea mini-subs enabling certain filmmakers to spend countless days exploring said cruise ships.

It is astonishing that anyone buys into a worldview that despises that on which its existence depends.