For anyone unfortunate enough to have wasted four years of their life receiving a political science degree at university, at least they understand the wild world of political ideology. Part of that world of ideology is the study of fascism. The student is shocked to discover that there isn’t much to be learned or even known about fascism. For example, they learn that it kind of is a political philosophy, then again it kind of isn’t. Generally, however, the consensus from textbooks and lectures from around the country is that fascism is a child of conservatism. That much they are sure of. The students, from these textbooks and lectures, take for granted that fascism is a far-right philosophy, an attitudinal belief system, which only those whose brain lacks total development suffer.

The professors that teach them this misinformation take it for granted the students will go on believing this, perhaps one day come to teach it too, where that soon no one will know any differently. Should there be the occasional wayward mind, an erring plebe, why he’ll have one hundred learned minds to shout him back in line or shut him up entirely. (If that sounds a little like fascism to the reader, then I recommend the reader go with his gut).

In short, fascism, because of the holocaust and WWII, has become the little dirty bastard no one wants to claim. Of course we know that it doesn’t have to be claimed in order to be practiced. Consider the playful poster or bumper sticker, “It’s not fascism when we do it!” for full effect.

The truth of the matter is that Fascism is now, and had been since even before Mussolini, a major philosophical part to any national movement or political ideology. Fascism has roots deep in every nation’s history and every mind that ever conceived an idea to which the one doing the conceiving found it important enough to attach his name and reputation. Both required a moment of action and creed of action to defend them. Cast your eyes anywhere in our modern world and you find there is a constant struggle for mastery over the minds and the spirits of others.

I believe the progressivism and traditionalism doctrines in our modern world serve as capable of synthesis.

Progressivism, by the very nature of what it is, sees all things in opposition as a challenge, worse even, a hateful wrong, to all other existing things. All things given to a creed different from their own are an impediment to mankind’s preordained march to further shores. Because of this, the notion of surrender, moderation, and compromise is the same as a doctrine of treason and anyone guilty of the notions is deserving of a traitor’s death. Progressives are hardwired to ruthlessly overcome all obstructions.

We are left, then, with in fact, a people given over solely to a doctrine of constant struggle, a creed of vigorous action, and tireless pursuit for mastery of the mind and the spirit of man. All which are outstanding characteristics of Fascism.

If conservatives and traditionalists think that Conservative Inc. understands this as I have laid it out, they best hide their heads in the sand. It is the safest place for them. Neither the Republican National Committee nor will the Caucus of Lazy Ass Social Conservatives do much good for anyone either. We are dealing with fascism of the progressive variety. This isn’t a squirt gun fight.

During times of normal conditions when sane men are willing to be led and principled statesmen are capable of governing, conservatism provides an invaluable governing philosophy. In such conditions, the past is not used as a weapon, and the future is not used as a threat. As long as the environment is temperate conservatism is a philosophy uniquely sufficient for the present. The moment the past becomes a place to refight old wars; conservatism is the first casualty. Challenged to look to the future; conservatism becomes blind. The nation becomes defenseless and is lead away as a helpless child. The stranger’s hand is social progressivism (see previous essay, Nationalism Can Succeed Where Conservatism Fails).

If, on the other hand, things have become clearer, it is best to become men of vigor and of self-help and stop being mirrors of the public mind.

Jason Bradley is the founder of Members of the Right, a national-conservative online publication. Email him at [email protected]