Bryan Fischer doesn’t think so:

Those waiting in line overseas would be happy to pay the same amount of money and go through the same background checks if they could be guaranteed citizenship in the U.S. But that option is not available to them for one simple reason: they haven’t broken our immigration laws. So we teach them that lawbreakers get rewards in America that law-abiding folks don’t. What is remotely compassionate or just about that? — Bryan Fischer, “Another Christian Approach to Immigration Reform,” RenewAmerica, February 6, 2013

The impact of open borders is most keenly felt by the people who live on them:

Hospitals all along our southern border have closed, depriving American citizens of access to local health care, because they have been overwhelmed by the cost of providing care for people who have trespassed on another country’s sovereign soil.

Where is either the Christian compassion or justice in that? — Ibid.

What about the folks who play by the rules?

And where is the compassion toward those waiting patiently overseas, filling out the forms, paying the fees, and waiting in line while Christians in the U.S. advocate hopscotching illegal aliens right over them and granting them instant legalization? Where, I ask, is the Christian compassion in that? — Ibid.

Can a nation regard itself as Christian when it tolerates law-breaking on a massive scale?

Equality under the law requires that everybody who wants legal status in the U.S. must play by the same rules by which everyone else plays. To do otherwise, I submit, is the exact opposite of Christian compassion for everyone who gets leapfrogged in the process. What this teaches them is that they are chumps for playing by the rules, and that the rule of law is meaningless in what is supposed to be a Christian nation. — Ibid.

We fully agree with Mr. Fischer, but note that he, like so many others (Christian or not), seems to accept tacitly the notion that immigration law might be in need of some sort of REFORM, when what it really needs is ENFORCEMENT.