nikki-heatThe ABC-TV series Castle (Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern) features as co-protagonist a bestselling mystery novelist, Richard Castle, whose two mystery book series in the fictional world of Castle have the amusingly named protagonists Nikki Heat (an NYC cop) and Derrick Storm (a U.S. espionage agent). In an interesting act of promotion for the show and extension of the show’s marketing potential, several volumes in the two book series have been published under the byline of Richard Castle.

I don’t know who writes the books, nor have I read any of them, but it’s an interesting cross-pollination effort. It was inevitable, then, I suppose, that real-life entertainment journalists would interview the fictional Castle and publish the proceedings, as in this article in USA Today. My head is swimming a bit after contemplating the deep metaphysical implications of this phenomenon, but I can confirm that the interview will be interesting to those who who like the show or are interested in mystery fiction. Read it here: