I don’t know why liberals and liberalism continues to amaze me, but alas they do and it does. When I saw this headline in the LA Times, I was truly amazed. I mean truly dumbfounded. So let’s get this straight. Bad guys show up at schools where no guns are allowed, kill a bunch of people, and the liberal response is to ban guns from campuses? And exactly how will this keep bad guys from going to completely unarmed campuses and killing a bunch of people? I think the answer has to be liberal magic. How exactly does that work? It’s easy. Have good intentions, wish reality wasn’t the way it is, pass a law, and magically the exact opposite of what you intend occurs. Then when it does, instead of blaming stupid laws and Utopian illusions, you blame your political opponents, and pass more laws! And instead of holding human beings accountable, liberals use phrases like “gun violence” as if guns cause violence and not people. The irrationality of modern liberals and modern liberalism is truly breathtaking to behold.