A street preacher in London has been arrested for preaching Christian doctrine concerning homosexual activity. In the Christian Post, Albert Mohler, Jr. comments on an outrageous case in which a British street preacher

has been arrested … for the crime of saying in public that homosexuality is a sin. This arrest is more than a news event – it is a signal of things to come and an announcement of a new public reality. Even if all charges are dropped against this preacher, the signal is sent and the message is clear. The act of Christian preaching is now a potential criminal offense.

England’s violent crime rate exceeds that of every European nation except Sweden. While folks worry about being mugged on London’s streets, the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender liaison officer” for the local police department is on the lookout for insulting language. The Baptist preacher was warned by this particular ‘bobby’ that he

could be arrested for using racist or homophobic language [under] … Britain’s “Public Order Act,” which, [The Telegraph] reports, “has been used to arrest religious people in a number of similar cases.” The law allows the arrest and prosecution of anyone who, with intent to harass or cause harm, uses “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.”