Openly GayI’m usually against using a synonym for ‘happy’ when referring to homosexuals, but that was the word used in the headline of the article announcing Disney’s recent hire of Rich Ross for the post of studio head. This particular move may shock some people, but it is simply a particularly vivid manifestation of what has been a long-term trend for the Disney studio, long seen as a purveyor of wholesome family-friendly fare.

Turning its back on its past (as is the organization’s right), Disney  has deliberately placed itself on the cutting edge of progressive cultural change for the past couple of decades, slipping snarky, rebellious, and socially transformative messages into movies aimed at children.

You’ll see that Mr. Ross has been in charge of the Disney Channel, which hasn’t completely corrupted the youth of America (the public schools have done that on their own), so what he does in his private sex life is really a big “who cares?” But of course this promotion fits in well with the agenda of homosexual rights activists, whose primary goal is that all Americans should see homosexuality as morally equivalent to heterosexuality.

But I couldn’t help thinking about something that would really be controversial in Hollywood: The day when we see Hollywood’s first openly Christian studio chairman in several decades.

I’m not holding my breath.