There’s more than one sucker born every minute, and most of them born in the past few decades are decidedly green, or so the U.S. business community is increasingly coming to think. (And they should know.)

The odious Al Gore, who, having grown fat while prescribing even worse poverty for the developing nations and impoverishment of the developed ones, now distinctly resembles a parade float

As numerous companies increasingly market "green," supposedly environmentally friendly products, the U.S. business community is doing what free people always do: admirably adapt to changing conditions, however farcical the situation may be. The vast majority of scientists are convinced that (1) the world is warming naturally today, slightly, as part of a natural warming and cooling cycle that has existed since the atmosphere was formed; (2) that human activities contribute negligibly or not at all to this effect; and (3) the slight level of warming that we get in this go-round of the cycle will be entirely beneficial to human, animal, and plant life.

Despite these facts, countless influential politicians and other celebrities have decided that a scare over global warming is a great way to take more control over the economy and erode our minuscule freedoms even further. Businesses initially opposed the global warming movement, but many have backed off their support in the past year.

Clearly, they have realized that they simply cannot beat the Greens, with their political and media power, and have decided to join them.

It’s a tragedy, and one that we will see as such in future decades, but for now it is the reality.

The latest manifestation of the power of this entirely irrational movement is yesterday’s announcement that the Discovery TV channel operation will start a "Green channel." The New York Times reports:

Discovery Communications, the cable channel operator, plans to start a 24-hour channel focused on eco-friendly living, as part of a push into the rising environmental movement.

The company, based in Silver Spring, Md., will next year rebrand its Discovery Home Channel with a name that has not been selected but will reflect its position as the centerpiece of an initiative called PlanetGreen.

In addition to the cable channel, which will be carried initially in 50 million homes, other Discovery outlets including its flagship Discovery Channel will carry documentaries and other programming highlighting the new green lifestyle channel, said the chief executive, David M. Zaslav. . . .

PlanetGreen is one of the biggest efforts that a media company has made to tap into the growing movement that has spawned everything from green cars, food and architecture to green weddings and talk of a green Olympics. . . .

In addition to satisfying the interests of viewers, Mr. Zaslav said that advertisers now have distinct green budgets in the same way that they have online budgets.

Tragic. Stupid and tragic.

The best antidote to this nonsense, regarding the media, is still Michael Crichton’s novel State of Fear. Purchase it here.