Fox Entertainment has announced that its 22 owned-and-operated TV stations will air popular primetime programs as ad-supported, on-demand streams on the web on the day they air on television, Variety reports.

Screen shot from Prison Break

Nine stations began doing so yesterday, with the rest of them to follow as the technology is adopted there, according to Variety:

The new initiative, dubbed "Fox on Demand," puts the network’s own spin on the video streaming trend by allowing local stations to stream network shows the day after they air on television.

The first stations to participate are some of the biggest Fox affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Washington, DC, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Birmingham and Greensboro.

Fox digital media president Peter Levinsohn called the initiative the "next logical step" following a digital media deal signed with its local affilates earlier this year.

"We look forward to extending ‘Fox on Demand’ offering to our entire affiliate body," he said.

The free, ad-supported shows are sponsored by Toyota as part of a campaign for the youth-oriented Yaris subcompact.

Initially the service will offer select episodes of "Prison Break" and "Bones" including episodes from last season and new episodes the day after they appear on TV.

The service will also include older series from 20th Century Fox, "American Dad," "The Loop," and "Stacked."

To see the programs, viewers will have to download a proprietary video player. The effort is part of an overall digital upgrade of Fox-owned TV stations and an attempt to find ways to target advertising more effectively:

Fox execs said the decision to offer shows locally allows the advertising to better target local markets. It also gives stations a greater incentive to promote the network’s shows outside of primetime.