National Museum of Patriotism Blue Star EntranceEven where one might think it to be popular, patriotism is not an easy sell. In Georgia, some folks just aren’t that into the ‘Spirit of ’76’, if the fate of the National Museum of Patriotism tells us anything.

[T]he National Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta closes this week. … [T]he institution, whose jaunty slogan is “Come for a memory, leave with a mission”, is the latest victim of the economic downturn. “Therefore, The National Museum of Patriotism had to answer the call of the new economy to find a new way of doing business. The National Foundation of Patriotism will become a virtual museum online,” according to the museum website.

Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing the “silent majority” demands? More museums that promote America and American values? So why aren’t people buying?