David Benham and Jason Benham
David Benham and Jason Benham

The nation’s cultural elites have openly declared war on Christianity, using attitudes toward homosexual behavior (not attitudes toward homosexuals themselves) as their weapon of choice. To change metaphors, the progressive elites have made attitudes toward homosexuality the shibboleth that opens the doors to the corridors of power—and keeps them shut firm against anyone who adheres to Christian beliefs on the matter.

In the latest of countless manifestations of this war against Christianity, a reality series in production at HGTV, Flip It Forward, has been cancelled as the network has bowed to the protests of homosexual-activist and anti-Christian groups, led by the political hate group Right Wing Watch.The show’s stars, personable twin brothers David Benham and Jason Benham, are openly Christian, and Deadline.com reports Right Wing Watch targeted David’s political activities in a report that led immediately to the cancellation of the brothers’ show:

Right Wing Watch reported Tuesday that David Benham had led a prayer rally outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC in 2012, in which he told conservative radio host Janet Mefferd that America’s Christian majority must repent for tolerating  “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems.” He also said his brother had joined him in the prayer protest. The group also claimed David leads protests outside of abortion clinics.

Speaking to Erin Burnett on CNN, David Benham pointed out that the campaign against the brothers was part of a much bigger war and that the brothers’ ideas about marriage and sexuality are consistent and thoroughly defensible:

“The point of this is there’s an agenda that is seeking to silence the voice of men and women of faith. That’s what all this is about. I absolutely think any sex outside marriage is not healthy for human flourishing. I think it’s very important we set the record straight,” he said, adding, “There’s a difference between people and agenda.”

The brothers’ ideas are, of course, in fact simply the normal teachings of two millennia of Christianity and additional millennia of Judaism before that.

HGTV refused to give the press any reason for the show’s abrupt cancellation. David Benham stated that HGTV representatives would not give them any reason why the show was cancelled. An excellent Deadline.com story provides the details.