Cadillac has a new commercial in which a group of young men in a Caddy discuss the great progressive rock group Yes. One of the guys is playing "Wonderous Stories" in the car through his Ipod, and the others express their doubts that this is cool: "Who listens to Yes?" one asks.Jon Anderson (r) and Rick Wakeman of Yes performing in Cambridge, England

The Yes fan replies, "Lots of people listen to Yes." A bearded guy wearing sunglasses in the back seat says, "Everybody listens to Yes, huh?", oozing skepticism.

They decide to ask two attractive young women whom they see near the road. The young ladies reply, "Yeah, it’s classic rock," and look at the young men as if the question were entirely stupid.

So there you have it. Everybody listens to Yes.

It’s an interesting commercial in showing how people use pop culture to create their own little societies. Some things, however, transcend fashion, and I would agree with the implication that Yes is one of them. Find our more about Yes here and here.

See the commercial here.