Disney Corp. president Bob IgerThe Hollywood actress known in print as Anna Nimouse notes today on National Review Online that the excellent ABC-TV miniseries The Path to 9/11, which gathered huge audiences on when it aired over two nights last September, has yet to be released on DVD, and no plans have been announced to do so.

It was slated for release in January of this year, then delayed until June, and since that date passed Disney/ABC has neither released the film nor said anything about it.

Nimouse concludes that Disney is holding off on the release in deference to Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill Clinton does not come off very well in the film. Neither does George W. Bush, as I noted in my critiques of the film, but Laura Bush isn’t running for president. Nimouse writes,

Incredibly, the Clinton gang, with Bob Iger, might be the reason there is no scheduled release of the DVD of this fantastically successful show. Is Bill Clinton in bed with a mouse? (Sorry…) More importantly, is the mouse afraid for its broadcast license?

I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, so I’ll leave alone Anna’s speculation about Disney’s motives, though I suspect she has a point. Hillary is not know as either a forgiver or a forgetter.

More important, in my view, is the corporate irresponsibility of Disney’s clearly unnecessary delay in getting The Path to 9/11 out on DVD:

Otherwise, where is the fiscal responsibility of Disney/ABC to their stockholders? With 28 million viewers one might reasonably expect sales of a third of that, or roughly $200 million in proceeds. That’s money that would eventually make its way into dividends in some retirement accounts. I smell a class action lawsuit brewing. By not releasing a highly successful film on DVD, when even Poseidon (an incredible $160 million flop), was released on DVD not even four months after its theatrical release, the Walt Disney Company seems to be purposefully not trying to make money, and that’s a breach of fiduciary responsibility.

One wonders, if Hilary weren’t running for president, would Disney be showing more of a profit? Two hundred million dollars is a lot of money to allow your company to leave behind because of a personal friendship or political partisanship. In fact, it’s downright scandalous.

If I were a Disney stockholder, I would be pretty angry about this.