western_civ32123Writing at The American Spectator Online, Ross Kaminsky astutely identifies the real motivation behind the “news that Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (“HKS”) will soon have a required course for incoming students called “Checking Your Privilege 101,” a viral video called “White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry” (speak for yourself, video maker), and the countless other assorted attacks on white heterosexual males in academe and the culture. It’s simple elitism and egomania in service of a grandiose political program:

Harvard, and almost every other similar school, is complicit in sowing the seeds of separateness, of Balkanization, of the nth degree of identity politics, among people who will leave the university cocoon and spread their jaded and harmful view throughout elected government, foreign and domestic government agencies and bureaucracies, think tanks, the media, and everywhere else that “superior people” aim to dominate the rest of us.

Divide and conquer has long been a successful political tactic. One has to wonder what sort of school creates legions of haters and critics whose apparent goal is to undermine, rather than rejoice in, the greatest nation in history. It takes a level of hubris that might be hard to imagine if we didn’t see it every day from another Harvard product who is on a similarly destructive mission to “fundamentally transform” America — hardly a goal of someone who likes and appreciates his country.

The last clause of that quote is obvious, but it’s worth noting once again.

This Check Your Privilege tactic is just another in a long line of efforts meant to immanentize the refreshingly honest slogan “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go!” of a couple of decades ago. This latest push is simply another in a long line of concerted, accelerated assaults on Judeo-Christian values that goes far beyond old-fashioned political correctness, Kaminsky concludes:

[It] is about using discord and division, jealousy and shaming, to create a rationale for government interference, manipulation, and “legalized plunder” on a scale that will make eight years of Barack Obama look like the good old days.

That has long been the position we hold here at The American Culture, and it is good to see Kaminsky affirm it so eloquently.