ESPN host and Christ-hater Dana JacobsonProviding further proof that America’s elites are delighted when people of low mental ability use Christians and Christianity as punching bags, ESPN has suspended sports-show anchor Dana Jacobson for one week after she indulged in a drunken, foul-mouthed public tirade that included an astonishingly vulgar curse directed at Jesus Christ.

The one-week suspension is very revealing of the mentality of the management team at the Disney-owned sports network, given that the same behavior would have gotten anyone not in the media fired, and it would have gotten a media person fired had it been delivered against an accredited victim group—cf. the termination of radio host Don Imus and basketball commentator Tim Hardaway last year.

At a Jan. 11 roast for fellow ESPN personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, Jacobson, reportedly very drunk, launched into "a rambling speech that included vulgar references about Notre Dame," according to a Chicago Tribune story.

Jacobson, a University of Michigan grad, often exchanges on-air taunts with Golic, a Notre Dame alum, about the two schools.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times report, the audience was not amused:

An article in The Press of Atlantic City the next day said that Jacobson ”made an absolute fool of herself, swilling vodka from a Belvedere bottle, mumbling along and cursing like a sailor as Mike & Mike rested their heads in their hands in embarrassment.” She was booed off the stage.

All of that would be enough to get an ordinary person fired, of course.

Jacobson then went on to say (using expletives indicated by first letter only here):

F— Notre Dame, F—Touchdown Jesus, and F— Jesus!

Clearly, the only reason Jacobson was not fired and subjected to the same kind of universal condemnation directed at Tim Hardaway and Don Imus last year is that her words were directed at Christians and their God.

If you think for even a moment that this is not true, imagine what the results would have been if Jacobson had targeted a different group.

Imagine that she had said the following: F— Grambling, F— Eddie Robinson, and F— Martin Luther King!

Or that she had said this: F— the Middle East, F— Mecca, and F— Muhammed!

Or that she had said this: F— the Democrats, F— Hillary Clinton, and F— abortionists!

She wouldn’t survive a day.

But because she chose to offend Christians, she’ll be back at work in a week.

Compare this with the firing of Stephen Coughlin from the U.S. military’s Joint Staff for daring to observe that jihad is inherent in Islam, and the death threats against Geert Wilders and the murder of Dutch columnist and filmmaker Theo Van Gogh for making similar observations.

Jacobson is getting a free ride because her despicable tirade was directed against Christians.

I am very tempted to say,

F— ESPN, F— the mainstream media, and F— Dana Jacobson!

But I am too polite to do so.

Update: Further thoughts on this issue, including how Christians and others should react and what kind of society and culture various reactions imply, are available in my follow-up article here.