It seems your local Chipotle is potentially a dangerous place to eat. If you’ve ever been to one, you know they market themselves as on the cutting edge of fads in organic and locally grown ingredients. Which is, we’re led to believe, superior to “industrial” food produced by large corporations. It looks like regarding health, it isn’t so superior after all. Henry Miller at Forbes gives us a critical perspective:

The company found it could pass off a fast-food menu stacked with high-calorie, sodium-rich options as higher quality and more nutritious because the meals were made with locally grown, genetic engineering-free ingredients. And to set the tone for the kind of New Age-y image the company wanted, Chipotle adopted slogans like, “We source from farms rather than factories” and, “With every burrito we roll or bowl we fill, we’re working to cultivate a better world.”

We don’t visit Chipotle often, but when I have the dripping progressive self-righteousness annoys me more than a little bit, and like much else liberals/progressives push as enlightened, the results leave much to be desired. Government gets away with it, unfortunately, but a business that makes its customers sick will not. This one shouldn’t. I thought the issue was only limited to one restaurant, but Mr. Hill points out that there have been outbreaks in nine states! He continues:

Food poisoning is a serious business. Four years ago, 53 died and 3,950 were sickened from an E. coli outbreak in Germany caused by organic bean sprouts.

Chipotle isn’t only subjecting its customers to very serious health risks, it’s also actively spreading the pernicious superstitions of food faddism and mythology–for example, using innuendo to suggest that genetically modified food is somehow “unnatural” or dangerous in spite of mountains of research evidence and real-world experience to the contrary.

So Chipotle not only spreads progressive lies, it spreads disease and possibly death as well.